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This was a visit we made a while back with our friend YS who came in July. We went hiking on the first day to Lac Liosin (click here for great pictures of the mountain lake). And on the second day, we went to Les Diablerets.  Setting off from Leysin (where we stayed overnight), we drove back onto Route 11, heading east and got off at a hairpin turn into Route du Pillon.

Our destination is Glacier 3000. We were greeted first by two waterfalls at the foot of the mountain. They were quite far away but it must be spectacular if we can get closer.


Then there is the massive parking lot. Imagine the place packed with skiers in winter.


Les Diablerets is the mountain range that separates the cantons of Vaud and Valais.  The summit is at 3,210 m.


The main cable car was opened in 1964 and rebuilt in 1999. It connects Col du Pillon (1,546 m, i.e., the parking lot ) and Scex Rouge (2,950 m), one of the peaks.


The views from the cable car was incredible.


There are two sections of cable – we had to get onto a different car to continue our ascent.


The views were quite different on the upper section as we rose above the tree line and began to see snow (in July).



In winter, needless to say, the mountain offers all kinds of snow sports. In summer, it offers hikes, husky rides and snow bus on the glacier. These dogs had just finished their round and were waiting for the cable car to take them down hill. Very tame and calm dogs.


Here is the Alpine Coaster, the world’s highest bobsleigh track.


It was definitely possible to ski cross-country if not down hill here. There were people out there in the open snow field.


At the top is a restaurant designed by the famous Swiss architect, Mario Botta. Its construction finished in 2001.


We could walk behind the restaurant and climb a little to a flat area with 360 degrees of unobstructed views.


It always amazes me to see a mountain lake hidden quietly among the mountains.


We had a nice warm day at the mountain top – it was a very pleasant visit indeed.


We were never sure of the origin of the skins – artificial or real, and if they were real, what animal ?


Glacier 3000, highly recommended for any one at any time of the year.


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